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A Framework for Informed Decision-Making

For over 28 years, Hoglund Law has developed, tested, and refined methodologies surrounding marketing data analytics, legal case flow, and call center infrastructure. We open over 1,000 files per month and manage over 6,000 daily inbound/outbound calls with unmatched efficiency.

Data informs every action we take. As a shareholder, you need to fully understand what’s fueling your client base. Knowing which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t is just as important as your firm’s monthly financial statements. With today’s technology, there’s no exception: you should have streamlined processes in place that show you the efficacy of every marketing endeavor.

How Hoglund Advertising Can Help

We train and consult with your law firm’s managing attorneys or marketing managers to develop a rigid data and protocol framework. It’s more than theory–we’ve employed the same strategies to increase net profits at Hoglund Law and countless other law firms nationwide. We offer a free assessment of your current framework.

Marketing Data & Protocol Consulting

Any successful marketing initiative has two major components:

1) delivery of leads that are of acceptable quality, quantity, and cost; and

2) proper lead handling via email or phone call.

Every available resource must be used to ensure appointments are set and clients show. Tracking calls and monitoring intake gives law firms the necessary insight to evaluate overall lead quality and assess lead handling.

Intake & Call Center Solutions

No matter how good a lead may be, you will damage your firm’s return on marketing investment if your intake staff cannot answer the phone and convert it to an appointment set.

Law firms struggle with this issue in a variety of scenarios: Many can answer the phone on the first call but cannot sell the appointment or consultation, while others are proficient with the sale but fail to answer on the first call. We’ve also seen ROI weakened in cases where evening, overnight, or weekend calls are missed because the intake center isn’t staffed after hours. In addition, some firms roll their overflow calls to third-party call centers that deliver unacceptable protocols.

Regardless of your practice area, intake and marketing go hand in hand. We frequently consult with our law firm partners to rein in their call centers and maximize their marketing ROI. We also offer intake solutions that work.

Website Design, Management & Consulting

Whether you’re launching a website for a new practice or redesigning an existing site, Hoglund Advertising & Analytics can help. With over 28 years of legal marketing experience and 18 years of web design experience, we know how to design legal websites that convert interested parties into real clients. We design with SEO and content in mind and promote trust and value factors that tell potential clients what they need to hear to pick up the phone.

Every practice area requires a different approach to style and content. We prioritize creating layouts and content that sell as opposed to merely making your site look pretty. A good web designer should have an intimate understanding of the strengths of the law firm they’re assisting. They should ensure strengths are prominently and professionally displayed and never punt on mobile design.