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Our expert team of attorneys and analysts specializes in creating digital advertising campaigns that get clients in your office. By running search ads on networks like Google and Bing, we’re able to target people actively searching to hire lawyers like you. Here’s how it works: we get your firm’s ad to the top of Google’s search results page—people see it, click it, and schedule an appointment. You retain more clients and increase your revenue—we quantify everything to maximize your ROI.



We create text ads and landing pages designed to get your law firm to the top of Google’s search results page whenever people search, for example, “work comp attorney near me”.



We use location targeting to run ads only in the best zip codes, cities, or counties surrounding your firm.



Searchers click your ad, visit your landing page, and see everything your law firm has to offer.



Visitors schedule a consultation with your staff and you retain more clients. We track appointments set as a result of your ads so you can quantify ROI.



From week to week, we fine tune our key word bidding strategy and location targeting so you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

What Every Law Firm Should Know About Pay-Per-Click

Mobile PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of digital marketing that allows advertisers to run paid ads on major search networks like Google and Bing.

It’s called PPC because you pay a small amount per click your ad receives. But you won’t have the #1 slot just because you’re running ads. While the top ads will appear above organic results, ad rank is determined every time a search is made based on factors like overall quality score (ad text and landing page quality & relevancy), key word relevancy, and key word bid amount. Note how the bid amount is only one part of the equation in the right hands, your PPC campaign can outrank competitors who are bidding more for the same key words. Much like your law practice, pay-per-click has its intricacies, and we don’t recommend going pro se.

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Why PPC Is Vital to Law Firm Lead Generation

Online PPC advertising is basically what the Yellow Pages were 20 years ago—the most powerful law firm marketing tool short of client referrals. Online search networks present a massive opportunity for any firm trying to get its name in front of potential clients. To stay competitive and maintain market share, your firm must have an online marketing strategy that addresses search results.

An increasingly large percentage of our population relies heavily on search engines like Google to find trustworthy attorneys close by. While search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are certainly worthy of your attention, keep in mind that the top ads display above the top organic listings. We’ve helped many firms with poor organic search presence expand to new offices in a matter of months just by maintaining the #1 ad spot on Google.

The Power of Google Advertising

Search Engine Market Share
Top 4 Search Engine Results get 95% of all clicks.
Google adWords
In my 28 years of legal marketing experience, I have personally witnessed the sharp decline of print advertising and the simultaneous, exponential growth of online advertising. Now more than ever, law firms must consider their digital presence.

Integrating PPC with Your Practice

Most of the law firms we represent dedicate the bulk of their budgets to PPC campaigns month after month. Why? Because it works. Our campaigns drive fact-based returns on marketing investment and are designed to scale alongside your firm. We tailor each campaign to the law firm behind it, ensuring that the quantity of leads generated won’t surpass your budget or intake capacity.

Unlike ‘big box’ advertising agencies, we report on more than the amount of calls, clicks or impressions our clients receive. We track the performance of PPC campaigns by the number of client appointments set or clients retained, because we know that clicks alone don’t pay your bills.

A vast majority of law firms that Hoglund Advertising & Analytics represent have fallen into one of two marketing quagmires before reaching out to us. Either they missed the boat on developing an online strategy as print was drying up, or they had tried past agencies with a PPC program that didn’t provide an ROI or intelligible reporting.

In both instances, we’re able to take a comprehensive look at a client’s existing digital presence and integrate an online strategy that best fits their unique situation. As we firmly believe that showing is better than telling, we highly encourage you to reach out to any of our law firm partners and hear it from them: we know how implement online marketing strategies that work.

What Sets Us Apart

Caveat Emptor: Avoiding the Pitfalls of ‘Big Box’ Digital Advertising

Analytics & Marketing
Mobile Analytics & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Google My Business Consulting

In addition to PPC, we consult on all other aspects of digital marketing, including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google My Business (GMB) listings, and web design. Each of these digital marketing components plays a distinct role in creating a solid digital marketing strategy that maximizes online lead generation. In most competitive markets, we see law firms fiercely competing on all fronts.

SEO vs. PPC 101

As discussed above, SEO determines organic ad rank. While the top PPC ads appear above the top organic search listings, SEO becomes increasingly important whenever a firm’s monthly PPC budget is limited or depleted. In a nutshell, proper SEO involves creating a high-quality, fast, and well-coded website with rich content relevant to the searches you’re targeting (e.g. “parenting time attorney Melbourne”). It’s important to note that SEO has no bearing on PPC ad rank; nonetheless, organic presence must be considered when crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that fits your competitive landscape.

Google My Business

Often overlooked, Google My Business (GMB) is an important component of any law firm’s digital marketing strategy. GMB listings are free and appear (if properly listed) when a potential client searches for your business or a similar business on Google search or maps.

Most law firms have a Google My Business listing. However, the information isn’t always accurate or up to date. As people frequently rely on GMB listings to quickly find contact information for nearby businesses, it’s critical to keep your listing accurate. With most GMB listings, a little optimization can go a long way.

Search Engine Optimization